Wedding Photography & Video

We have a separate division called YeDevi which focuses on Wedding Photography & Videos.

Candid Wedding Photography

We all come from different backgrounds as artists, we share the same passion and love for what we do and work seamlessly and complementarily together.

For each and every couple a wedding photo that will tell their history as it happened, showing the real moments, the true love and thoughts.We are always looking for the distinctive, sensitive occasions that highlight each couple’s unique relationship and that is why we would like to get to know each couple personally, in order to produce for them a wedding photo that shows who they really are.

Wedding Film / Cinematography

We have a separate division called YeDevi which focuses on Wedding Photography & Videos.

We are bangalore based wedding cinematographers, who want to travel and explore more the world, doing new things, interacting with new people.

Our passion is to share those experiences and create beautiful, unique, amazing wedding films, capturing the real feelings and facts of every wedding.

Pre wedding Couple Photoshoot

The pre wedding photography is offered as a great way for us to get to know the other person better before your wedding,when you get married.

We all spend about an hour on the location, and talk through your wedding plans and have fun together.We get to experience you as a couple, who is cheeky, playful or appropriated, and you will experience a professional photographer taking your picture and get a feel for the way i work, giving you confidence and reassurance.On your wedding,When you get married I was more of a good friend that’s spending the day with you, blending into the background.As a social photographer and wedding photojournalist We always allow people to be themselves so that I can capture your true personalities